Volleyball is about putting pressure and moving forward - Roberto Piazza


Skra’s coach Roberto Piazza during the post-match press conference

Lodz, Poland, December 12, 2017 – Skra Belchatow claimed a convincing straight-set win against Shanghai Golden Age on the opening day of the FIVB Volleyball Men's Club World Championship, but coach Roberto Piazza said his team made a lot of mistakes.

Roberto Piazza, coach of Skra Belchatow: “It was really important to come into the game quickly, because it was our first match. Skra showed that it is a good team. We put a lot of pressure in serving, but we made many mistakes, to be honest. Mistakes are a part of the game, so we need to accept the fact and play. Now we have to eliminate these and play better, because our next opponents will not be any easier. Volleyball is about putting the pressure on and always moving forward. When I leave this conference room I will forget about tonight’s match and start thinking about the future.”

Mariusz Wlazly, captain of Skra Belchatow: “We began well in this prestigious tournament in Poland. It is a good opportunity to play against the best teams from around the world. We were a bit afraid before this match, but now we are happy before the next games.”

Grzegorz Lomacz, player of Skra Belchatow: “We took this game very seriously. Our serve was pretty good; actually each element of our game was nice, so the score is the effect of it. We are fresh and relaxed, because in the Polish League we were lucky to play home games last month.”

Shen Qioung, coach of Shanghai Golden Age: “We lost so many points in reception; we were weak at this element. Our attack also was not perfect. We need to change a lot of things and play the next two games in a better way.”

Facundo Conte, player of Shanghai Golden Age: “The third set was not bad. It was the best in the match. We were just helpless against Skra, who played on a very high level tonight.”


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