I am happy we improved our play - Marcelo Mendez


Marcelo Mendez: "We played well in attack."

Opole, Poland, December 13, 2017 - After a disastrous opening on Tuesday, Sada Cruzeiro's straight-set win over Sarmaye Bank Tehran on Wednesday allowed the defending champions to stay alive in the race for one last remaining ticket to the semifinals of the 2017 FIVB Men's Club World Championhip.

Marcelo Mendez, Sada Cruzeiro Coach: "I am very happy we won the match,
and also very happy that we improved our play. We played well, our
attack was very good, our centre was the best. I wish the best of luck
for Sarmaye in your league."

Filipe Ferraz, Sada Cruzeiro Captain: "I am so happy today, because we
won. For us it was very important, as yesterday we played terribly, and I
think the team played so well today, in service, passing, attack. We
hope to continue tomorrow, which will be another final for us. I think
that's it. We're prepared to confront all the teams. Thanks for the guys
and the whole team. I hope for good luck for us and I wish good luck
for everybody."

Mostafa Karkhaneh, Sarmaye Bank Coach: "This was the best experience for
us. I think this group was so much more difficult than the other group –
we had Sada, the defending champions, but also teams like Lube and
ZAKSA. But still, this is the best experience for us to continue working
and playing next year. Sarmaye Bank will also represent Iran in the
Asian Club Championship. But first let me congratulate Sada's coach and
the whole team – you deserved it, you were better in attack, and also
our key player was injured before today's match. He's one of our best
players, and we actually didn't have any chance to go into semifinals
and finals, but the experience we gained from this tournament will help
us the next time we come here."

Lukasz Zygadlo, Sarmaye Bank Polish setter: "Unfortunately we lost 3-0. Yesterday, it was a tough game for us. We were so close to winning. It was a very difficult night for all of us. Unfortunately, one our key players couldn't play today. Congratulations for Sada. What can I say about our team – I feel that we don't have enough contact, as an Asian team, with European or world teams. It was very difficult to play against players from teams like Sada. It was a very nice tournament to play in, and I hope this experience will be useful for the future."

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