Better serving and blocking – key to Skra’s success


Coaches Roberto Piazza and Javier Weber greet each other after the match

Lodz, Poland, December 13, 2017 – All is well when it ends well – this seems to summarize the mood in Skra Belchatow’s camp after the 3-1 come-from-behind victory over Personal Bolivar, which sent the Polish side to the semifinals of the FIVB Volleyball Men's Club World Championship.

Roberto Piazza, coach of Skra Belchatow: “It was a bad situation in the first set, when we made so many mistakes. But we found the solutions to fight with them. Mistakes are part of the game. We did not start our game in the right mood. Then we began playing better in serving and blocking, which was the best piece tonight. We were amazing in this! What is important - we pushed our rival far away from the net and this as decisive. We need to put our target a little bit higher now, before the final four in Krakow.”

Mariusz Wlazly, captain of Skra Belchatow: “It is a big day for us. We advanced to the semis; tomorrow we will play a tough game against Zenit. The first set did not go well for us. We missed our chances and Bolivar used it to win the set. We eliminated our technical errors in the next three sets and, thanks to this, we won the game.”

Karol Klos, player of Skra Belchatow: “The game was more equal than we expected, but we are happy with the result. We created a positive atmosphere on the court, which is really good. We have the power before the next matches.”

Javier Weber, coach of Personal Bolivar: “Our opponent played very well. My team played fantastically in the first set. They were a true team putting up a big fight. Then Skra started playing very well from the serving line and we could not find our attack. I had a feeling that we did not fight till the last point, which is a bit disappointing, but we played a lot better than yesterday.”

Leonardo Patti, captain of Personal Bolivar: “Skra were very good tonight. I am sad because we played the first set very well, but after that we lost our chances to get to the semifinals.”


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